halloween 2012 - another wolf

A wolf and an accident victim

The wolf

I spent a month working on this one. I took a ton of photos, but they're all on a dead hard drive. Here's what I could scrounge up.

The original intent was to have some sort of moveable head and articulated jaw, but it started getting really heavy and those things were difficult to control. This one has eyes and the fingers articulate.

The bulk of the costume is made from foam insulation panels that I carved.

Here's a video I made. Some close-ups at the beginning, and then we go to the park.

My son in the costume. Hilarious proportions here.

Here's some detail on the hands. I've also got a DIY video on how to make the mechanical parts of the hands.

Link to hands tutorial

My son and his friend. The costume actually made a few little kids cry, so I think It worked out pretty well.

You can tell the weight of the costume was getting to him towards the end of the night. He was a trooper though.

The Accident Victim

Makeup I did for Kevin. He wore this to a costume party. I think it turned out pretty well.